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A Prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has undergone additional training in the restoration and replacement of broken teeth with crowns, bridges, or removable prosthetics (dentures).

Imperfect teeth, whether by birth abnormality, traumatic accident or natural decay, can be replaced with attractive, functional teeth in our offices.

Crowns are restorations that cover or cap teeth, restoring them to their natural size, shape and color. Even a poorly maintained or badly damaged tooth can benefit from a well designed and correctly placed crown. This cap not only helps appearance but can also save a tooth that might otherwise be lost.

crown illustration

before crown

after crown

Crown placed on original tooth

Before dental treatment

After dental treatment

Fixed Bridges
A fixed bridge is designed to replace a tooth that has been lost, with a natural looking, non-removable replacement. It can eliminate unsightly gaps by extending or "bridging" a replacement tooth between the teeth on either side of the gap.

bridges illustration

before bridge

after bridge

The bridge spans the space between the teeth

Before dental treatment

After dental treatment

Dentures are sets of artificial teeth set into plastic frameworks that rest directly on the gums. Partial dentures are used for people with several teeth missing and whose teeth are not strong enough to support a bridge. Complete dentures are used for those who have lost all of the upper or lower teeth.


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